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How to optimize a frames page

If a navigation menu on the left side of the page is fixed, the information can be moved up and down in the middle of the page, which usually can be thought of as a frame-type page. In addition, some framework site templates placed at the top of the company's LOGO or a picture. But this one is fixed. While the other parts of the page top to bottom and move around. Framework templates will be in fixed areas of the site into links or navigation buttons, author on how to make a Web page that uses frames for major search engines properly index and how to optimize them.

use the "Noframes" tag optimization
uses frames page does not mean it is completely unable to optimize their Web pages. Actually in the HTML tag, there is a tag called the NOFRAME, if used properly, we can effectively to optimize the pages, allowing search engines to properly index your content information on your frames page. Web site also use the NOFRAMES tag: they put this in the NOFRAMES tag: "this page uses frames, but your browser does not support frames. Please download a new browser to view. "
Let us look at the professional search engine optimization company is how to do it. They were used in the in the frame of the page, effectively offers rich keywords and key phrases, key words and content, thus effectively help website in SERP (search engine results pages) achieved a higher ranking (page rank).
result of this optimization, is actually the major search engines will not only read your code in the background of a Web page title and other tags, and for those who do not support the frames page content that cannot be displayed by the browser information, has also been the indexes. If you for some reason to use frames, please bear in mind: you must correctly use the NOFRAMES tag in the code behind, which is very important.
it is clear that what we call these measures, only the contents of those pages have been carefully written, and fully in the content to use important keywords and key phrases website works.
page cannot be used with frames Web Spiders (spiders) or spiders (crawlers) search engines (such as Google) the correct index. Code in the background of a Web page within a frame, usually see is the title of a page markup (Meta Title), description tags (Meta Description), keyword tags (Meta Keywords) and other original tags (Meta Tags), but will also see a frameset tag (the Frameset Tag). Contents of the framework cannot be reflected in the back-end code, and for those major search engines search for programs such as the GoogleBot and Google Freshbot, its design is completely ignore certain HTML code and directly locked the actual content on a Web page to be indexed. In this way, Web Spiders in the framework of the General could not find on the Web page that you want to search for. This is due to the content to what we call "internal pages".
framework website to find information, formalize concepts such as the website has a very significant advantage. Lots of website development and design using frames technology staff, is seeing its advantages of browsing it is clear and easy to maintain, but also make the whole website keep good consistency and integrity.
in summary, whether Web sites or non-framework using frames technology Web site, as long as you use the right technology and the right skills, can be perfectly optimized page to achieve desired level.

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