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English how to conduct keyword analysis

How keywords determine? here, we can understand the basic 2 select key words: key words, chosen for their strength; second, does not select the keywords flow too low; now we detailed Anatomy of keyword analysis process:
  1, understand industry profiles   search the main keywords, site first 5 pages of the search results to summary describing the industry. For example: SEO the keyword top 50 is basically a very professional site, and most of the main domain name, the domain name contains most of the SEO.
  you are familiar with the site, including this site built stand time, professional, site size, the main keywords and so on. The keywords for SEO, for example, where are you familiar with it in one location?
  top 10 sites in the industry keyword search results, mainly bidding site? Industry website? Corporate website? Or a personal Web site? If bidding and industry Web sites, the majority, then the keyword value is strong; personal sites, most ad networks in the industry, with innovative profit model can consider cutting simple corporate website, then the industry less competitive.
  from these aspects, you can generally grasp the industry profile. Similarly, you can learn about the building materials industry, diet industry, nonferrous metal, filter, and so on.
  2, industry keyword collection   search the main keywords, click on the bottom of the first page of the search results more relevant searches. From the collection here for industry keywords, make the appropriate selection.
  Baidu index daily search volume for each keyword. &Nbsp;  Google keyword tool. If you need more industry keywords, can the Chinese version   3, keyword competitive analysis   choose your own from the keyword collection. Includes: keyword relevance, keyword search volume, keywords, business value.
  for selected keywords (known as secondary keywords), by understanding the way industry overview about secondary keywords ranking situation.
  secondary keyword competition is not so great, if the first page of the search results directory links, or content page appears, you can determine one of the targeted keywords.
  need to analyze the natural sites in the top 5, including the level of SEO, keywords, site size, website, PR value, and so on.
  take 3-6 months of development, if you have the patience? If you can't stand this time, you will need to consider less competitive.
  4, keyword development planning and traffic is expected to   determine the development of a main keyword, Web site traffic promotion benefits. Such as: the beginning to determine keywords SEO optimization, future with the development of Web sites, SEO also have good rankings in the search results.
  keyword development parameters, you need to have a clear hierarchy. Such as: rapid method of breast enlargement and breast enhancement is a big level, and rapid breast enhancement, breast enhancement method is a good transition.
  flow is expected to be a job that requires experience, some keywords while many daily search volume, but traffic is primarily used by the first three (later two) or auction Web sites "intercepted". For large industry websites, this step is very important.
  5, determine the target keyword   the analysis above, can help you determine the target keyword. Main site (primary domain or Home), can often identify three targeted keywords. Catalog page,   Yung page keywords and so on.


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