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How to use exposure to do network marketing

, exposure and marketing the concept of

what is a network marketing exposure? that networks focus on very high, high exposure rates of multiple mainstream media to synchronize marketing activities. Marketing exposure in our daily life, everywhere. For example: TV ads, newspaper ads, one high traffic places for a business magazine, and so on, they all belong to the marketing exposure.

that exposure marketing: what are the effects? For the masses, not singling out a particular kind of branding, corporate brand show in the public eye. So that the user sees, at a later time when the brand's products or services are required, the first time our company.

exposure marketing, in a sense, is similar to viral marketing. Exposure marketing and viral marketing has a lot of user groups. Marketing exposure in order to better facilitate viral marketing. Planning a perfect marketing exposure, you can achieve the same effect of viral marketing.

the second operation, network marketing exposure

exposure in network marketing?

(1) search engine words that expose

enterprise products and services more local users, it can take advantage of local search engine hot passing exposure marketing words. For example: the word in Shanghai, Baidu index at around 230,000, while massive search search engine SOSO QQ users will be higher, because QQ have a weather icon on the upper right corner of the Panel, the local user's click will only display the local weather search term. How to use the word exposure, it depends on their own actions. Such as search engine optimization, Baidu.

(2) use hot revelations

follow hot news associated with the enterprise's own products and services. As in previous days, Taiwan actress Xu Fenghua died of gastric cancer. A gastrointestinal hospital originally reported news and information in a timely manner, we can search for Taiwan actress Xu Fenghua. While this article was brought to the site more than 10 IP, although this article does not bring immediate benefits, but it also let visitors know that the hospital.

(3) video marketing

attention to SEO's friends all know, 56 pages within the network, youku's weight is quite high, we can make use of video, text messages more than some simple to make users aware of the company's outstanding products and services.

of course, there are many other marketing practices of exposure, these need to be up to us to do network marketing itself to mining.

third, the development of marketing exposure

in the above, we also refers to viral marketing, and database marketing (such as direct email marketing), and mutually beneficial marketing and so on. How to operate a network of integrated marketing: we need to do, is a marketing technique to the extreme, rather than covering all the marketing, mastery, one is enough.

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