The promotion of knowledge

Website promotion after matters needed attention

1, analysis of their target groups: many website promotion method, competitive advertising, viral marketing, Word of mouth spread Twitter marketing, SNS marketing and so on are common promotion measures, but these methods are not applicable to all Web sites. From hotel brands, target customers, user profiles and user demands into consideration, choose effective ways. How to find the right way of promoting it, is very simple, that is a clear target group.

2, to develop an appropriate project: maybe someone will say promotion method is the more the better, of course, what I want to say is that we don't believe this website promotion book collections, website promotion book, not to say that these methods will not work, but some of the methods are not suitable for you to do. Here I want to makeup products, for example. For many sold cosmetics of enterprise for, promotion up can with of method certainly many, including: established beauty knowledge aspects of blog, in some hot of stick answered on cosmetics of using effect, timely implanted you of products such also is effective, certainly also has nowadays is popular of micro-Bo promotion, micro-blog promotion very about has targeted, you in micro-Bo Shang sent some beauty class of knowledge, don't directly sent you of products, such is easy caused was people of antipathy, must to soft promotion, these are is is effective of method, But some method on you of industry promotion for on not practical, you such do has just backfired does

3, and on promotion method timely for effect assessment: even has again good of promotion means, also need good of implementation and effect of evaluation, like you in Forum in posted has, you to constantly of to himself of post for maintenance, detection, to let post in Home Show need a few minutes Bell top once, if reply in the appeared has related aspects information how top down. How to test his flow, and so on, of course, you can also use some test tools such as: cnzz,51la, statistics and so on Baidu to flow through the test, if you found that the effects did not achieve his desired effect it is necessary to change to other means to promote it.

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