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Successful website without proper optimization

Most of Enterprise website are appeared has same of problem, website design and search engine optimization cannot effective to combined up, or is website designer not knows search engine optimization, put website design have is beautiful, fancy, but is cannot was search engine read understand, have not to good of ranking, or is website making personnel aesthetic capacity is poor, only knows program, will promotion is not understand design, Home a open is everywhere text, navigation is text, even no a Zhang pictures, Felt the producers really cross to do with search engine keyword competitors on Saturday. I've seen some sites like this, the entire page stuffing keywords and layout composition, color matching serious coordination, without a decent picture, poor people don't want to see a second glance.

the saying goes: industry specializing in surgery. We do not expect everyone to be super compound talents, but also to find a balanced approach to the conflict. This requires, staff in charge of Web design to complement each other well, and people who do Web site optimization designers design and layout your page before, and designers a comprehensive communication and give designers the elements you need, such as site navigation and Home pages, and the use of pictures.

If the user is optimized to do a website, main problem is the use of color and layout. If optimization design completely cold, congenital deficiency that may make reference to other site's use of color, the color scheme. The safest is to imitate those of some well-known brand websites in your industry, they should not be too bad.

website design must to consider to page beautiful, because although said search engine optimization is important, ranking is important, but user experience forever station in first bit, because even customer through search engine found has enterprise of website, visitors also will on search results for filter, visitors will according to page design and website content of professional sex for a preliminary filter, only meet user experience of of page design to moved visitors, put visitors into into customer. So Web site design is very important, Web designers should be fully considered how to improve Web site credibility, make visitors think is formal Professional Enterprise.

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