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2013 the development trend of network marketing

In this age of networks, the network has become an integral part of people to travel, work, life, many people do not have the network's live, every enterprise network more and more attention to corporate Web site styles, if your site does not have to go to the promotion, customers want to find on your site is like a needle in a haystack, a forlorn hope. This site useless, you cannot bring any direct benefit to the enterprise, this waste of resources is the biggest waste of a company.

    in the last 2012 years along in the network marketing industry in calm, half a year before, apparently under the influence of the economic crisis, after half a year of adjustment, after half a year, with China's economy booming, the network marketing industry ushered in the development of the spring. So, from network marketing technical viewpoint, 2013 Internet marketing marketing plan will show what development trends?

class of 1, network marketing experts and management. Today's experts that the boss, the boss that expert marketing company form would be hit, will form a very strong professional marketing plan expert groups, previously a lot of so-called marketing experts, from the history of marketing planning stage, focus on the enterprise's management.

2, the theory of the network marketing plan will focus on 5VO value orientation of marketing theory, and favored by many well-known brands at home and abroad and affirmed. Was under the influence of low carbon economy and green economy, marketing, customer value, values, social values, natural values, moral values will become more and more concerned by the market, many companies will be based on 5VO theory of value-oriented marketing strategy, marketing strategy and business development strategies for sustainable development.

3, based on resources integration based on marketing will become a major tool for many marketing companies. In network marketing company's efforts, both in the integration of resources with a view to serve the enterprise market marketing, on the other hand the integration of resources with a view to reducing the excessive waste of marketing resources, in short, is to save on marketing costs.

4, China's brand building will be in the network marketing company and the efforts of companies formed, the kind with a strong brand of Chinese culture will be admired around the world. Because, along with the strong growth of China's economy, the whole world will form China's boom, a lot of people will chase the Chinese dream, Chinese dream is the most central subject is the Chinese culture and Chinese brands.

5, the marketing channel construction tends to be more flat, Internet marketing specialists will make great efforts to promote the development of this trend, many companies would benefit from flat, to develop more competitive business models and profit model.

6, network marketing company designed advertisements and advertising programmes will be the scientific assessment, namely the new system from quantitative and qualitative perspectives to help with advertising and advertising planning programme of the scientific assessment, reducing the waste of public resources, excessive spending and uncertainty also reducing marketing costs. Reasonable operation of enterprises will greatly improve advertising effectiveness, and for the first time from the marketing aspects of the cost advantage.

7, the network marketing industry's attempts to establish a standard system for marketing services, with a view to standardize the development of marketing industry.

8, hosted Web Marketing will become the mainstream of the next phase of Internet marketing services. This mode is mainly serving small and medium enterprises, 2013 has inherited a lot of money and a large number of SMEs in order to achieve industrial upgrading, hosted Web marketing needs will be further blowouts.

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