English website design needs to pay attention to those matters

Now, with the network coverage, to get an enterprise overseas attention on the Internet must have an English website, English website is the use of network planning, design, production, theory and technology of diagnosis, storage and marketing, an industry or a particular type of knowledge in the English language are described, and then build a Web site or Web page to a Web site. Author's discussion on how to do the English programme, you need to pay attention to those issues:
, English site building Chief is planning: to define the nature of the site, a topic, not as a personal vision to consider, to foreign audiences in accordance with their way of thinking and reading habits to make a website. Meet the alien styles, cultural mores and way of using the Internet to search for information, in accordance with their psychology to make, don't set of China moving to a foreign country.
Second, the choice of the domain name space: to choose a good domain name. Space it is best to space. Ensure site stability. In order to ensure that the website is authorized. Must, board design, page, in line with overseas interests. So as to be optimized in order to get a promotion.
III, creative Web site design and graphic optimization: this will get more access to foreign Web sites to see their design style. Cannot impose their own style on the styles of those foreigners.
four, English: English website, is not proficient in the language, more difficult to update. But pay attention to the quality of content and update frequency, site remains in the active state.
v, English Web site must be in the search engine above to search by foreigners: must be in the major search engines to submit your site, let them. Including Google, Yahoo and Msn search. In order to better promote the best in foreign common search engine submission. There is lots of information group, recommended sites to let them advertise for you. Browse famous Forum, publish some post on his website, the soft article.
most English versions of the website there are several major problems:
1, English version, version and the Chinese version shares a domain and hosting.
2 and the Home image display page, English version is a multilevel directory. 3, English version Home long Flash, seeding for a long time is not over. Users cannot see the contents of the plugin is not installed.
4, some corporate Web site of the English version of the main navigation and main navigation in Chinese is the same, that is, after you enter the English version, the navigation is in Chinese, only the content is in English.
5, translation of the English version of page content stiff Chinese version, and in some small place with Fox, as in product description pages need to be "more" where the words that appear "more". 6, the site map is in Chinese.
7 and "contact us" page only phones and QQ, commonly used by foreign contacts such as MSN and SKYPE. 8, missing copyright information at the bottom of the page.
9, produced by the English translation of site content so people can not read. But because foreign user UTF-8 or ISO font encoding for basic browsing, Web garbled even in foreign countries. Simply lists some common problems here, no in-depth analysis. Enterprises in the design of English website when in fact, it should be noted that where there are many. Business English website, really want to get, also face a lot of difficulties. We can do this, at least, should gradually improve on the site details, impeccable. Establishing English website, mainly involves two aspects of knowledge: the Internet and the English language. Technology on Internet sites, there are many articles already and are described. However, in the establishment of English-language Web site, we should focus on the English website of the content, on the one hand you want to be professional, particularly where certain types of knowledge must have a value, of particular importance is the need to meet the target audience-growing habits,

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