How to use keywords to enhance website traffic

Here when it comes to the keyword library concept and we may not understand it very well that first to introduce what is a keyword? So-called keyword is optimization for a website collating and collecting useful keywords saved through these keywords can enhance memory traffic. So how do keywords set up? Use keywords can bring us what effect?

    first of all we'll discuss how to build a pool of keywords, actually built to the keyword library usually insisted on by our own summary and careful attention to it.

    (1), use the keyword tool to view and tap the keywords of our imagination, and which may bring us to flow, classification of these keywords are then collected for later use.
    (2), the use of statistical tools, and statistics which has a flow of words and those words out, put in your keywords.

    (3), keyword selection according to industry competitors in some keywords into the keyword library in a Web site, because these words are flow because opponents had helped verified.

    second keywords can give us in Web site optimization and promotion, with what effect?

    2 respectively, are the main effect is to increase website traffic, increase Web site conversion rates. Increase Web site traffic is mainly obtained from the key words, when we have these traffic keyword search engines Home, will customers find our website through a search engine, so that nature can increase website traffic. When it comes to increasing Web site conversion rates, mainly records the statistical tool which keywords keywords in the library, because these customers through search engine keywords to get in, and then sold for keywords which can naturally increase the site's conversion rate.


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