Electric distribution operations of four elements

, merchandise planning first: the aforementioned enterprise is suitable for network analysis, some enterprises not qualified for. So there is a natural fit for Web distribution of goods, such as shoes, bags, and more suitable for distribution of this product, and for what? Products suitable for distribution network has several characteristics: (1) is a one or two line brand sales and marketing great products, you can find network customers now or in one or two cities, three or four lines of slightly weakened, so one or two line is the main battleground. (2) the well-known civilian goods. (3) stock width and depth of the product easy to control. (4) the standardization of products, because standard more suitable for distribution, distributors do not need a good understanding of the picture, only through pictures you can know. (5) Guest price moderate and margins moderate, we found network purchased of market original is enough cheap, so he of market positioning General in buy cheap of commodity, commodity of consumers in the we will found to, has 50 to 2000 of products of distinguish, especially network purchased compared more of place, especially in 100 to 300 interval of products consumption proportion will high some, and guest price consumption moderate.

second: transformation Hou for do points pin of commodity, some commodity not for do network points pin, like we has a customer wants to network points pin, but commodity is pencil, stationery class commodity, this commodity gross margin compared low, profit of reasons, not too for do network points pin, that we on help he improved, through combination, like can put drill pen knife, and pencil and bag and so on, combination into a ceremony package, through ceremony package of way on can do network points pin has.
III: not quite fit for distribution network products, such as professional too strong, just not suitable for Internet distribution. So when you want to launch network distribution of time, the first thing to know exactly what your product is suited for online distribution.
Second, the expansion of the distribution channel. Three points mentioned here:
1th: do you want to form a specialized team of dedicated investment for merchants, through the development of sound investment policy, formation of investment team, development of investment in the market a lot of investment, this channel is very much, you can Twitter, community, Union of CDS and so on for investment.
2nd: after you have your investment team, distributors who came in, how the distributors can be managed and controlled? Here we need to have a sound investment policy, which people should be able to provide good levels of distributors and their products yield, and so on.
3rd: established investment platform. This platform you can build yourself, such as Quanzhou, we have a brand, build our distribution through official website, independent merchants, through the initiative, he was able to snare the distribution sector, reseller channel, we will share a case study.
III, our reseller services. First
is an information service, after distributors newly recruited, how they manage, before you will find traditional enterprise distribution Chamber of Commerce found that each body had ordered, order will be doing? Is the newly recruited distributor for the Exchange and sharing of information. We will find many online distributors of conditionality is not high, for what? Because usually communicate very little, and ways of communicating are very scarce, distribution of information to do so this time, information sharing, we can let our distributors know the brand price fluctuations and achieve our brand information with distributors of the upload issue. On top of that, we can build a platform for Exchange of information, from time to time send some information to our distributors. Support
and the second is information, you give our distributors to provide product information, for example, you can pack your kits, you can download the distributors, help them shop management.
the third is technical support, we will find among distributors, when they have no service skills information, we can provide broadband network supplied to distributors of products, some product information can also be downloaded.
IV, operational support. Some promotions we can adhere to the distributors, by distributors of promotional activities to boost support.


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