Website version some things to consider

each site operators don't want to revision, since it means that the overhead cost. But for the development of enterprise's revision was necessary, because if the site has lagged behind competitors in design and function, that affects the establishment of product sales and brand image, Enterprise website to consider what matters?

1, the layout of the design

in General, website layout you want to construct a completely new design, the equivalent was re-erected on a Web site from start to finish, which is understandable, but in the pursuit of perfection but should also take into account the overall style and design, it is very important. Just imagine, revamped site compared to the old version of the site styles, is almost nothing above, equivalent to doing a massive plastic surgery, no shadows of the past, which will involve the entire site's image. Of course, it will be a failed redesign programmes.
2, visitor experience

website's priority is a site access experience, the user first, revision of the website without the user makes no sense. If applications for Web sites and features a very large change, leading visitors to the original revision of the already familiar with some of the site features cannot be used or very large changes in usage, then this will make the visitor feel at a loss, even on site to produce resistance. On this issue must be carefully considered, do the planning, otherwise the flow loss due to revision is not worth it.
3, keywords,

each site has its own keyword, and this often and is closely related to the value of the site. If a site has high quality keywords, so when you set out on the website must take this factor into account. If rushed on the website and not the keywords, as well as a detailed analysis of various sources of traffic data, then the website is easy to be lost after a keyword traffic.
4, anti-linked factors

external links to some extent weight have a crucial impact on the website, with a wide range of anti-connect site than smaller relative to the connection of the site to gain more weight, and greater weight to sites in the search engine's index has a decisive influence on the ranking. If revision accidentally, resulting in a large number of invalid links or links to lose some weight high ranking well, it's not such a good thing.
5 factor, search engine

search engine is the most important source of traffic, website in particular, to consider in this regard, if major changes are made on site, the search engine takes a while to observe the revamped Web site. As to the specific time, depending on the extent of site changes, if upgraded from the theme and content of the site and a great difference compared to the old version of the site, this may even lead to be indexed by search engines give up on Web sites.
all in all, company website solution from the user point of view, and the development of information theory based, incorporate information technology into every corner of the site, creating a strong technical atmosphere. For the company business more customer information.


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