Web design difference between ASP and JSP

ASP is a server-side scripting environment that you can use to create and run dynamic Web pages or Web applications. ASP pages can contain HTML tags, text, script commands, and COM components. With ASP you can add interactive content to Web pages (such as online forms), you can create Web applications that use HTML pages as the user interface.

JSP technology using the Java programming language to write a class of XML tags and scriptlets, encapsulates the processing logic of producing dynamic Web pages. Web pages can also tags and scriptlets to access resources exist in server-side application logic. JSP page separation of logic and display of Web design to support reusable component-based design and development of Web-based applications quickly and easily. JSP (JavaServer Pages) is a technology of dynamic pages, its main purpose is to separate the presentation logic from the Servlet.
1, the advantages of JAVA
JSP technology is the JAVA language as scripting language, and ASP pages use Microsoft VBScrip or Jscrip. JAVA is mature, robust, and easy to extend the programming language, far superior to BASIC scripting language. Such as: JAVA executable than VBScript or Jscript languages. Because they are using JAVA technology and Web page are compiled to JAVA Servlets,JSP for the entire server-side JAVA library provides an interface to HTTP-service application.
JAVA allows developers to work in other aspects as well as easier and simple. For example, when the ASP application in the WINDOWS NT system is suspected might collapse, JAVA can prevent system crashes. JAVA language by providing a method to prevent memory leaks, memory management can show their talents. In addition, JSP provides applications with a robust incident handling mechanism.
2, JSP technology: open technology
JSP ASP technology and obvious difference: developers in-depth knowledge in both software design in different ways. JSP technology is based on the platform and server independent of each other, enter the support from a wide range of special, a variety of Kit, server components, and database products provided by the developers. By contrast, relied mainly on Microsoft's ASP technology technical support.
platform independence
JSP technology and servers attached to write, after which you can run in any environment with consistent with JavaTM grammatical structure. Instead of attached to a single platform or developer in the past, JSP technology is able to run on any WEB server and support from a number of vendors offer a wide variety of kits.
technology because ASP is based on Activex controls provide client-side and server-side development components, ASP technology is basically confined to Microsoft's operating system platform. Main work environment is Microsoft IIS ASP application architecture, platform features and Activex objects, so ASP technology is not easily achieved in cross-platform WEB server work. Although ASP technology products can be provided through third party components and services across platforms, applications, Activex object must be placed in advance on the platform you choose.
open development process, open source JAVA community process
SUN application development JSP technology. Since 1995, the SUN has used this method of open cooperation with the International Organization for JAVA development and modification of JAVA technology specifications. JSP product, SUN authorized provider of tools (such as Macromedia), allied companies (such as Apache,Netscape), end users, collaboration, and more. Recently, the SUN will be the latest version of the JavaTM Servlet and JSP (JSP 1.1,JAVA SERVLET 2.2) release of the original code to Apache, JSP close mutual development with Apache. Apache,SUN and many other companies and individuals open to set up a robust advice to any company and individual can obtain free information.
JSP application program interface (API) there is no doubt that has been successful and will be opened as the JAVA Organization continues to expand to continue to improve. Instead, rely solely on Microsoft ASP technology itself, driven, and its development is based on exclusive, closed development process based on.
ASP technology
WEB server Microsoft IIS or personal WEB server to any WEB server including Apache,Netscape, IIS and operating system platforms Microsoft Windows system most popular platforms, including Solaris OS, Microsoft's Windows systems, MAC OS,Linux, and other UNIX platforms.
cross-platform access requires the introduction of third-party ASP product support WEB information providers in different series of computers that ensure that users fully compatible in current hardware and software, and investments in human resources, JSP technology provides a flexible, open choice: you can use a variety of tools provider tool, a reflection of industrial standard input and configuration
From a developer's point of view: ASP and JSP technology enables developers to achieve by clicking Web component in the production of interactive, dynamic content and applications to the WEB site. ASP only supports the component object model COM, JSP technology provides a component based on the JavabeansTM technology or JSP tag libraries. From this we can see that although there are similarities between the two, but the difference is very clear.


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