Update of site content optimization tips

For Enterprise website of content update actually now on many do SEO of people for are compared headache, because we is professional of optimization talent is not professional of industry talent, natural in articles original above is is lack, so on led to Enterprise website of content original degrees is poor so Enterprise website articles update to how do, Baidu on Enterprise website of content quality combat increased we also has necessary continues to update did? With these questions in the following authors and us about corporate Web site content updated to note the following points:

    1, focusing on the quality of the article in order to quality for quantity. In website optimization, everyone likes so much updating some of the original articles, to increase the Baidu search engine to crawl the site, but the search engine is getting more demanding on the quality so in later articles updated, we need to ensure the quality, not quantity principle.

    2, reduce out of the article links within the article to streamline the chain. This saying is when I update the site in the article, many people like to add lots of anchor text links that would result in a lower weight of the article page, which affects the Baidu search engine to crawl and the article included, so note in a later article update.

    3, article content must conform to the site theme, grasp the correlation between sites. Many people like to update in the website and website unrelated to the topic of the article, like this lead to content quality has dropped, it is recommended that in an update in the future strengthen the correlation between article content and website subject. &Nbsp; 

    If you see one of these articles is very touching, we can try to follow some of the above methods try to update to see if it helps improve search engine for articles crawled and improve article page weight and of the weight so as to promote the website rankings.

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